IT”S OFFICIAL! 6 Pucks on sale!!

Keep on Pucking

Save some bucks and get 6 Pucks!

Starting today and for a limited time, our package of 6 Natural Pucks, also know as the 6 Puck, is on sale.   We are offering this popular item at a 20% savings!  Keep some and gift some.  You get 6 of our natural Pucks, 24 pegs, 12 Screws and 12 fasteners.  That’s enough to hang 6 of your favorite skateboard decks at any angle and not risk damaging the truck holes.   Perfect if you have a collection of decks or you plan or thrashing some decks and then hang ‘em up.  Customers have used our pucks in some great decorating and now you can try it for less.  Save some green by buying our “green” Pucks made from sustainably harvested wood in biodegradable/recyclable packaging.  We are always looking for feedback so shoot us an email!


The Team Puckers